(1)    State powers.

     (a)    If any county, city or village does not adopt a reasonable and effective floodplain zoning ordinance within one year after hydraulic and engineering data adequate to formulate the ordinance becomes available, the department shall, upon petition of an interested state agency or a municipality or upon its own motion as soon as practicable and after public hearing, determine and fix by order the limits of any or all floodplains within a county, city or village within which serious damage may occur. Thereafter the department shall as soon as practicable after public hearing adopt a floodplain zoning ordinance applicable to a county, city or village, except that no floodplain zoning ordinance may be enacted unless the hydraulic and engineering studies necessary to determine the floodway or floodplain limits, or both, if both limits are deemed necessary by the department, have been made at state or federal expense. If the department utilizes hydraulic and engineering studies previously completed, the department shall be responsible for ensuring that the studies are reasonable and accurate. Thirty days’ notice of all hearings on floodplain determination or zoning before the department shall be given to the county, city or village clerk, the clerks of all towns where lands may be affected and to the department of transportation. Exhibits and testimony shall be a part of the official record. Failure of a county, city or village to adopt a floodplain zoning ordinance for an area where appreciable damage from floods is likely to occur or to adopt an ordinance which will result in a practical minimum of flood damage in an area shall be prima facie proof of the necessity for action specified under this paragraph by the department. The department shall make a decision in writing of insufficiency of any county, city or village floodplain zoning ordinance before adopting an ordinance superseding a county, village or city ordinance. All orders of the department under this subsection which either fix the limits of floodplains or enact local floodplain zoning ordinances shall, when they are in final draft form and before they are issued, be referred to the appropriate committees of the legislature, where the procedure under s. 227.19 shall apply. Section 227.15 does not apply to the orders of the department under this section. Orders of the department under this section shall, after becoming effective, be deemed rules for purposes of s. 227.26, and may be suspended by the joint committee for review of administrative rules.