(1e)   In this section:

     (aL)    “Carry” has the meaning given in s. 175.60 (1) (ag).

     (ar)    “Dwelling unit” means a structure or that part of a structure which is used or intended to be used as a home, residence or sleeping place by one person or by 2 or more persons maintaining a common household, to the exclusion of all others.

     (az)    “Implied consent” means conduct or words or both that imply that an owner or occupant of land has given consent to another person to enter the land.

     (b)    “Inholding” means a parcel of land that is private property and that is surrounded completely by land owned by the United States, by this state or by a local governmental unit or any combination of the United States, this state and a local governmental unit.

     (bm)    “Licensee” means a licensee, as defined in s. 175.60 (1) (d), or an out-of-state licensee, as defined in s. 175.60 (1) (g).

     (c)    “Local governmental unit” means a political subdivision of this state, a special purpose district in this state, an instrumentality or corporation of the political subdivision or special purpose district or a combination or subunit of any of the foregoing.

     (cm)    “Nonresidential building” includes a nursing home as defined in s. 50.01 (3), a community-based residential facility as defined in s. 50.01 (1g), a residential care apartment complex as defined in s. 50.01 (6d), an adult family home as defined in s. 50.01 (1), and a hospice as defined in s. 50.90 (1).