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Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 73 - Tax appeals commission and department of revenue

Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 73

Current as of: 2013
§ 73.01Tax appeals commission
§ 73.015Review of determination of tax appeals commission
§ 73.02Distribution of money; income tax coordinator
§ 73.028Levy rate limits and debt conditions; rules
§ 73.029Rules required
§ 73.03Powers and duties defined
§ 73.0301License denial, nonrenewal, discontinuation, suspension and revocation based on tax delinquency
§ 73.0302Liability for delinquent taxes
§ 73.0303Personal renewable fuel production
§ 73.0305Revenue limits calculations
§ 73.031Arrest powers
§ 73.035Private letter rulings
§ 73.04Hearings, witnesses
§ 73.05Assessment districts; supervisors; duties
§ 73.06Supervision of assessments; supervisors; appointments and duties
§ 73.07District offices, supplies, expenses
§ 73.08Educational program
§ 73.09Assessor certification
§ 73.10Municipal finance
§ 73.12Set off of payments to vendors
§ 73.13Reducing nondelinquent taxes
§ 73.14Merger and conversion real estate reports
§ 73.15Hardware and software used to maintain medical records
§ 73.16General provision



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