• As a 100% disabled veteran, I have a handicapped license plate on my vehicle AND a handicapped placard for use when I travel in another vehicle, issued in my home state of Florida. Here in Florida, mainly due to a lack of handicap parking places, as I understand is also the case in New Orleans, parking in ANY(roadside, metered, lots) parking place controlled by the state or municipal governments is FREE, 24/7.

    I am planning an upcoming trip to New Orleans and, while I am encouraged to read in the above article that an “Office Of Disability Affairs” exists, with the authority to “monitor, evaluate, and propose and advocate changes to laws, rules, and regulations relative to accessible parking privileges to the extent allowable by law”, I cannot find anything definitive anywhere elsewhere as to whether they have taken the steps to follow the lead of Florida(and so many other states which I have visited) and allow for FREE parking for persons with officially issued handicap plates/placards. Other sites on this subject are at best outdated and ambiguous. Could you PLEASE update me on the current law as regards handicap parking in the city of New Orleans.

    Thanks so much, in advance, for your anticipated assistance. The information you provide will be most valuable to me and my family when we visit.

    Best Regards