Part 301 Organization
Part 302 Public access to records
Part 350 General administrative provisions
Part 351 Proceedings
Part 352 Determinations
Part 353 Rehearing
Part 354 Submissions to the Register of Copyrights
Part 360 Filing of claims to royalty fees collected under compulsory license
Part 370 Notice and recordkeeping requirements for statutory licenses
Part 380 Rates and terms for certain eligible nonsubscription transmissions, new subscription services and the making of ephemeral reproductions
Part 381 Use of certain copyrighted works in connection with noncommercial educational broadcasting
Part 382 Rates and terms for digital transmissions of sound recordings and the reproduction of ephemeral recordings by preexisting subscription services and preexisting satellite digital audio radio services
Part 383 Rates and terms for subscription transmissions and the reproduction of ephemeral recordings by new subscription services
Part 384 Rates and terms for the making of ephemeral recordings by business establishment services