§ 6 Pension paid to fund for benefit of naval hospital
§ 6a Disposition of amounts deducted from pensions
§ 13 Admission of cases for study
§ 14 Establishment of Navy hospitals
§ 14a Annual appropriations for maintenance, operation, and improvement of naval hospitals
§ 15 Superintendence of Navy hospitals
§ 16 Allowance of rations to Navy hospitals
§ 16a Additional personnel for patients of Department of Veterans Affairs in naval hospitals
§ 17 Government of Naval Asylum
§ 18 Rules and regulations for Army and Navy Hospital
§ 19 Tubercular hospital at Fort Bayard
§ 20 Discipline of patients at Army and Navy Hospital
§ 30 Payments to donors of blood for persons undergoing treatment at Government expense
§ 34 Hospitalization of persons outside continental limits of United States; persons entitled; availability of other facilities; rate of charges; disposition of payments
§ 35 Limitation of medical, surgical or hospital services
§ 37 Manufacture of products by patients at naval hospitals; ownership of products