(a) To obtain a waiver from 49 CFR 40.21 or from this part you must send your request for a waiver to the Commandant (CG-INV).

(b) Employers for whom compliance with this part would violate the domestic laws or policies of another country may request an exemption from the drug testing requirements of this part by submitting a written request to Commandant (CG-INV), at the address listed in § 16.500(a).

(c) An employer may request a waiver from the Coast Guard in order to stand-down a crewmember following the Medical Review Officer’s receipt of a laboratory report of a confirmed positive test for a drug or drug metabolite, an adulterated test, or a substituted test pertaining to the crewmember. Consistent with 49 CFR 40.21, the request for a waiver must include as a minimum: Information about the organization and the proposed written company policy concerning stand-down. Specific elements required in the written waiver request are contained in 49 CFR 40.21(c).

[USCG-2000-7759, 66 FR 42967, Aug. 16, 2001, as amended by USCG-2009-0702, 74 FR 49225, Sept. 25, 2009]