(a) Individuals will not be charged for:

(1) The search and review of the record.

(2) Copies of the record produced as a necessary part of the process of making the record available for access; or,

(3) Copies of the requested record when it has been determined that access can only be accomplished by providing a copy of the record through the mail.

(b) Waiver. The official having operational control at the appropriate facility may at no charge, provide copies of a record if it is determined the production of the copies is in the interest of the Government.

(c) Fee Schedule and method of payment. With the exception of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, fees will be charged as indicated below:

(1) Records will be duplicated at a rate of $.10 per page for all copying of 5 pages or more. There is no charge for duplication of 4 or fewer pages.

(2) Where it is anticipated that the fees chargeable under this section will amount to more than $30.00, the requester shall be promptly notified of the amount of the anticipated fee or such portion thereof as can readily be estimated. In instances where the estimated fees will exceed $30.00, an advance deposit may be required. The notice or request for advance deposit shall extend an offer to the requester in order to reformulate the request in a manner which will reduce the fees, yet still meet the needs of the requester.

(3) Fees should be paid in full prior to issuance of requested copies. In the event the requester is in arrears for previous requested copies, no subsequent request will be processed until the arrears have been paid in full.

(4) Remittances shall be in the form either of a personal check, bank draft drawn on a bank in the United States, or a postal money order. Remittances shall be made payable to the facility to which the request is being made, and mailed or delivered to the appropriate facility (see § 2100.3 of this part).

(5) A receipt for fees paid will be given upon request.