(a) Denial of visas

Except as otherwise provided in section 6091 of title 22, and subject to subsection (b), the Secretary of State may deny the issuance of a visa to any alien who–

(1) through the abuse of position, including a governmental or political party position, converts or has converted for personal gain real property that has been confiscated or expropriated, a claim to which is owned by a national of the United States, or who is complicit in such a conversion; or

(2) induces any of the actions or omissions described in paragraph (1) by any person.

(b) Exceptions

Subsection (a) shall not apply to–

(1) any country established by international mandate through the United Nations; or

(2) any territory recognized by the United States Government to be in dispute.

(c) Reporting requirement

Not later than 6 months after October 21, 1998, and every 12 months thereafter, the Secretary of State shall submit to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and to the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate a report, including–

(1) a list of aliens who have been denied a visa under this subsection; and

(2) a list of aliens who could have been denied a visa under subsection (a) but were issued a visa and an explanation as to why each such visa was issued.