The investigation, inspections and law enforcement functions to carry out the provisions of sec. 218 of the INA, as provided in these regulations for enforcement by the WHD, pertain to the employment of any H-2A worker and any other U.S. worker hired in corresponding employment by an H-2A employer. Such enforcement includes work contract provisions as defined in §501.10(a). The work contract also includes those employment benefits which are required to be stated in the job offer, as prescribed in 20 CFR 655.104.

Terms Used In 29 CFR 502.15

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.
  • Employer: means a person, firm, corporation or other association or organization that:

    (1) Has a place of business (physical location) in the U. See 29 CFR 502.10 v2

  • Job offer: means the offer made by an employer or potential employer of H-2A workers to eligible workers describing all the material terms and conditions of employment, including those relating to wages, working conditions, and other benefits. See 29 CFR 502.10 v2
  • Work contract: means all the material terms and conditions of employment relating to wages, hours, working conditions, and other benefits, required by the applicable regulations in subpart B of 20 CFR part 655, Labor Certification for Temporary Agricultural Employment of H-2A Aliens in the U. See 29 CFR 502.10 v2