(a) H-2ALCs shall obtain a surety bond to assure compliance with the provisions of this part and 20 CFR part 655, subpart B for each labor certification being sought. The H-2ALC shall attest on the application for labor certification that such a bond meeting all the requirements of this section has been obtained and shall provide on the labor certification application form information that fully identifies the surety, including the name, address and phone number of the surety, and which identifies the bond by number or other identifying designation.

Terms Used In 29 CFR 502.8

  • Liabilities: The aggregate of all debts and other legal obligations of a particular person or legal entity.
  • Wages: means all forms of cash remuneration to a worker by an employer in payment for personal services. See 29 CFR 502.10 v2

(b) The bond shall be payable to the Administrator, Wage and Hour Division, United States Department of Labor. It shall obligate the surety to pay any sums to the Administrator, WHD, for wages and benefits owed to H-2A and U.S. workers, based on a final decision finding a violation or violations of this part or 20 CFR part 655, subpart B relating to the labor certification the bond is intended to cover. The aggregate liability of the surety shall not exceed the face amount of the bond. The bond shall be written to cover liability incurred during the term of the period listed in the application for labor certification made by the H-2ALC, and shall be amended to cover any extensions of the labor certification requested by the H-2ALC. Surety bonds may not be canceled or terminated unless 30 days’ notice is provided by the surety to the Administrator, WHD.

(c) The bond shall be in the amount of $5,000 for a labor certification for which a H-2ALC will employ fewer than 25 employees, $10,000 for a labor certification for which a H-2ALC will employ 25 to 49 employees, and $20,000 for a labor certification for which a H-2ALC will employ 50 or more employees. The amount of the bond may be increased by the Administrator, WHD after notice and an opportunity for hearing when it is shown based on objective criteria that the amount of the bond is insufficient to meet potential liabilities.