It is BLM‘s objective to grant rights-of-way under the regulations in this part to any qualified individual, business, or government entity and to direct and control the use of rights-of-way on public lands in a manner that:

Terms Used In 43 CFR 2801.2

  • BLM: means the Bureau of Land Management. See 43 CFR 2801.5
  • Grant: means any authorization or instrument (e. See 43 CFR 2801.5
  • Public lands: means any land and interest in land owned by the United States within the several states and administered by the Secretary of the Interior through BLM without regard to how the United States acquired ownership, except lands:

    (1) Located on the Outer Continental Shelf. See 43 CFR 2801.5

(a) Protects the natural resources associated with public lands and adjacent lands, whether private or administered by a government entity;

(b) Prevents unnecessary or undue degradation to public lands;

(c) Promotes the use of rights-of-way in common considering engineering and technological compatibility, national security, and land use plans; and

(d) Coordinates, to the fullest extent possible, all BLM actions under the regulations in this part with state and local governments, interested individuals, and appropriate quasi-public entities.