§ 425.1 Purpose and scope
§ 425.2 Procedures for notification of existence of records pertaining to individuals
§ 425.3 Procedure for requests for access to or disclosure of records pertaining to individuals
§ 425.4 Correction of records
§ 425.5 Disclosure of records to agencies or persons other than the individual to whom the record pertains

Terms Used In CFR > Title 1 > Chapter IV > Part 425

  • Annuitant: means a person receiving or who is entitled and has made application to receive retirement or survivor benefits under subchapter II, IV, or V of chapter 84 of title 5, United States Code. See 14 CFR 302.722
  • Annuity: means the gross monthly annuity rate payable before any authorized deductions (such as those for health benefits and life insurance premiums). See 14 CFR 302.722
  • COLA: means a cost-of-living adjustment. See 14 CFR 302.714
  • DOT Decisionmaker: as used in this part is the official authorized to issue final decisions of the Department as set forth in §302. See 43 CFR 3486.4
  • Qualifying court order: means a court order acceptable for processing as defined in §838. See 14 CFR 302.722
  • Waiver: means an annuitant's written request to forfeit a specified amount of annuity as described in this subpart. See 14 CFR 302.722