Termination of Bonds
Charges and Credits
§ 28.51 General
§ 28.52 Corporate surety
§ 28.52a Filing of powers of attorney
§ 28.52b Execution of powers of attorney
§ 28.53 Deposit of securities or cash (including cash equivalent) in lieu of corporate surety
§ 28.54 Consents of surety
§ 28.55 Authority to approve bonds and consents of surety
§ 28.56 Disapproval of bonds or consents of surety
§ 28.57 Appeal to Administrator
§ 28.58 Operations or unit bond–distilled spirits
§ 28.59 Bond, Form 5120.36
§ 28.60 Brewer’s bond, Form 5130.22
§ 28.61 Bond, Form 5100.25
§ 28.62 Bond, Form 5100.30
§ 28.63 Bond, Form 5100.12
§ 28.64 Bond, Form 5110.67
§ 28.66 Strengthening bonds
§ 28.67 Superseding bonds and new bonds for previously exempt persons

Terms Used In CFR > Title 27 > Chapter I > Subchapter A > Part 28 > Subpart D

  • Act: means Public Act No. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • Administrator: means the Administrator of the Agricultural Marketing Service, with power to redelegate, or any officer or employee of the Department to whom authority has been delegated or may hereafter be delegated to act in his stead. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • Condition: The degree of acceptability of the container with respect to freedom from defects which affect the serviceability, including appearance as well as usability, of the container for its intended purpose. See 7 CFR 70.36
  • Defect: Any nonconformance of a container from specified requirements. See 7 CFR 70.36
  • Department: means the United States Department of Agriculture. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • Double sampling: A sampling scheme which involves use of two independently drawn but related samples, a first sample and a second sample which is added to the first to form a total sample size. See 7 CFR 70.36
  • General Counsel: means the General Counsel of the Department. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • information: means and includes reports, books, accounts, records, and the facts and information contained therein and required to be furnished to or acquired by any official pursuant to the provisions of any marketing agreement or marketing order. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • marketing agreement: means any marketing agreement or any amendment thereto which may be entered into pursuant to section 8b of the Act. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • marketing order: means any order or any amendment thereto which may be issued pursuant to section 8c of the Act. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • official: means the Secretary, any officer, employee, or other person employed or appointed by the Department, and any agency or agent appointed by the Secretary to administer a marketing agreement or a marketing order, and any agent or employee of any such agency or agent. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • person: means any individual, corporation, partnership, association, or any other business unit. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • Random sampling: A process of selecting a sample from a lot, or portion of production, whereby each unit in the lot of portion of production, has an equal chance of being chosen. See 7 CFR 70.36
  • Sample: Any number of sample units which are to be used for inspection. See 7 CFR 70.36
  • Sampling plan: Any plan stating the number of sample units to be included in the sample as well as the corresponding plan parameters used to make acceptance and rejection decisions. See 7 CFR 70.36
  • Secretary: means the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, or any officer or employee of the Department to whom authority has heretofore been delegated, or to whom authority may hereafter be delegated, to act in his stead. See 27 CFR 28.70
  • Shipping case: The container in which the product or primary containers of the product are placed to protect, preserve, and maintain the condition of the product during transit or storage. See 7 CFR 70.36
  • Single sampling: A sampling scheme where the decision to accept or reject an inspection lot with respect to a specified requirement is made after the inspection of a single sample. See 7 CFR 70.36