Safety Devices and Maintenance Requirements
Safety Practices and Operational Procedures
§ 57.14000 Definitions

Terms Used In CFR > Title 30 > Chapter I > Subchapter K > Part 57 > Subpart M

  • Award: means any grant, cooperative agreement or loan made with Recovery Act funds. See 30 CFR 57.14209
  • Indian tribe: means any Indian tribe, band, nation, or other organized group or community, including any Alaskan Native village or regional or village corporation (as defined in, or established under, the Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act (43 U. See 30 CFR 57.14206
  • Local government: means a:

    (1) County. See 30 CFR 57.14206

  • Private entity: (1) This term means any entity other than a State, local government, Indian tribe, or foreign public entity. See 30 CFR 57.14206
  • Recipient: means any entity other than an individual that receives Recovery Act funds in the form of a grant, cooperative agreement or loan directly from the Federal Government. See 30 CFR 57.14209