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§ 344.0 What does this part cover?
§ 344.1 What special terms do I need to know to understand this part?
§ 344.2 What general provisions apply to SLGS securities?

Terms Used In CFR > Title 31 > Subtitle B > Chapter II > Subchapter A > Part 344 > Subpart A

  • Current Treasury borrowing rate: means the prevailing market rate, as determined by Treasury, for a Treasury security with the specified period to maturity. See 31 CFR 344.1
  • Issuer: refers to the Government body or other entity that issues state or local government bonds described in section 103 of the Internal Revenue Code. See 31 CFR 344.1
  • Secretary: means the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, or any officer or employee of the Department to whom authority has heretofore been delegated or may hereafter be delegated to act in his stead. See 7 CFR 70.25
  • your: refers to a SLGS program user or a potential SLGS program user. See 31 CFR 344.1