§ 222.183 How does an LEA apply for a grant?
§ 222.184 What information must an application contain?
§ 222.185 What additional information must be included in an emergency grant application?
§ 222.186 What additional information must be included in a modernization grant application?
§ 222.187 Which year’s data must an SEA or LEA provide?

Terms Used In CFR > Title 34 > Subtitle B > Chapter II > Part 222 > Subpart L > How To Apply for a Grant

  • Adopted: means adopted pursuant to a full, final and complete adoption. See 34 CFR 222.185
  • Child: means a person who meets the requirements of section 101(c)(1) of the Act. See 34 CFR 222.185
  • Construction: means

    (1) Preparing drawings and specifications for school facilities. See 34 CFR 222.176

  • Emergency: means a school facility condition that is so injurious or hazardous that it either poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of the facility's students and staff or can be reasonably expected to pose such a threat in the near future. See 34 CFR 222.176
  • Legal custody: refers to the responsibility for and authority over a child. See 34 CFR 222.185
  • Modernization: means the repair, renovation, alteration, or extension of a public elementary or secondary school facility in order to support a contemporary educational program for an LEA's students in normal capacity, and in accordance with the laws, standards, or common practices in the LEA's State. See 34 CFR 222.176
  • School facility: means a building used to provide free public education, including instructional, resource, food service, and general or administrative support areas, so long as they are a part of the facility. See 34 CFR 222.176