Subpart A General Provisions
Subpart B Qualified Health Maintenance Organizations: Services
Subpart C Qualified Health Maintenance Organizations: Organization and Operation
Subpart D Application for Federal Qualification
Subpart E Inclusion of Qualified Health Maintenance Organizations in Employee Health Benefits Plans
Subpart F Continued Regulation of Federally Qualified Health Maintenance Organizations
Subpart J Qualifying Conditions for Medicare Contracts
Subpart K Enrollment, Entitlement, and Disenrollment Under Medicare Contract
Subpart L Medicare Contract Requirements
Subpart M Change of Ownership and Leasing of Facilities: Effect On Medicare Contract
Subpart N Medicare Payment to Hmos and Cmps: General Rules
Subpart O Medicare Payment: Cost Basis
Subpart P Medicare Payment: Risk Basis
Subpart Q Beneficiary Appeals
Subpart R Medicare Contract Appeals
Subpart U Health Care Prepayment Plans
Subpart V Administration of Outstanding Loans and Loan Guarantees