§ 1003.1 Purpose and scope
§ 1003.2 Definitions
§ 1003.3 Open meetings
§ 1003.4 Procedures for public announcement of meetings
§ 1003.5 Grounds on which meetings may be closed or information withheld
§ 1003.6 Procedures for closing meetings or withholding information, and requests by affected persons to close a meeting
§ 1003.7 Changes following public announcement
§ 1003.8 Transcripts, recordings, or minutes of closed meetings
§ 1003.9 Public availability and retention of transcripts, recordings, and minutes, and applicable fees

Terms Used In CFR > Title 6 > Chapter X > Part 1003

  • Access device: means a card, code, or other means of access to a financial account, or any combination thereof, that may be used by a student to initiate electronic fund transfers. See 34 CFR 668.161
  • Day: means a calendar day, unless otherwise specified. See 34 CFR 668.161
  • Depository account: means an account at a depository institution described in 12 U. See 34 CFR 668.161
  • EFT: includes all transactions covered by 31 CFR 208. See 34 CFR 668.161
  • Financial account: means a student's or parent's checking or savings account, prepaid card account, or other consumer asset account held directly or indirectly by a financial institution. See 34 CFR 668.161
  • Financial institution: means a bank, savings association, credit union, or any other person or entity that directly or indirectly holds a financial account belonging to a student, issues to a student an access device associated with a financial account, and agrees with the student to provide EFT services. See 34 CFR 668.161
  • General: (1) This subpart establishes the rules under which a participating institution requests, maintains, disburses, and otherwise manages title IV, HEA program funds. See 34 CFR 668.161
  • Parent: means the parent borrower of a Direct PLUS Loan. See 34 CFR 668.161
  • Student ledger account: means a bookkeeping account maintained by an institution to record the financial transactions pertaining to a student's enrollment at the institution. See 34 CFR 668.161