Subpart A General Provisions
Subpart B Payment Limitation
Subpart C Payment Eligibility
Subpart D Cash Rent Tenants
Subpart E Foreign Persons
Subpart F Average Adjusted Gross Income Limitation
Subpart G Additional Payment Eligibility Provisions for Joint Operations and Legal Entities Comprised of Non-Family Members or Partners, Stockholders, or Persons With an Ownership Interest in the Farming Operation

Terms Used In CFR > Title 7 > Chapter XIV > Subchapter A > Part 1400

  • Applicability: The policies and procedures set forth in subparts A, C, J, K, and O of this part shall apply to this subpart, except to the extent that they are specifically modified or augmented by the contents of this subpart, including specified exemptions described herein. See 24 CFR 570.400
  • Data: Wherever data are used in this subpart for selecting applicants for assistance or for determining grant amounts, the source of such data shall be the most recent information available from the U. See 24 CFR 570.400
  • Funding sanctions: Following notice and opportunity for informal consultation, HUD may withhold, reduce or terminate the assistance where any corrective or remedial actions taken under §570. See 24 CFR 570.400
  • Import: (importation, imported). See 27 CFR 19.153
  • Inspector: Any individual authorized by the Administrator or the Commissioner of U. See 27 CFR 19.153
  • Performance reports: Any performance report required of a discretionary assistance recipient shall be submitted in the form specified in this subpart, in the award document, or (if the report relates to a specific competition for an assistance award) in a form specified in a Notice published in the 24 CFR 570.400
  • Person: Any individual, corporation, company, society, association or other organized group. See 27 CFR 19.153
  • Plant Protection and Quarantine: The organizational unit within the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, U. See 27 CFR 19.153
  • Secretary: The Secretary of Agriculture, or any other officer or employee of the Department of Agriculture to whom authority to act in his/her stead has been or may hereafter be delegated. See 27 CFR 19.153
  • United States: The States, District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands of the United States. See 27 CFR 19.153