§ 407m Establishment; acquisition of land; property involved
§ 407m-1 Acquisition of additional lands and buildings
§ 407m-2 Acquisition of property adjacent to Old Saint Joseph’s Church
§ 407m-3 Acquisition of site of Graff House
§ 407m-4 Erection of replica of Graff House; maintenance
§ 407m-5 Inclusion of additional lands and building; administration
§ 407m-6 Authorization of appropriations
§ 407m-7 Exchange of property
§ 407m-8 Independence National Historical Park boundary adjustment
§ 407n Cooperative agreements between Secretary of the Interior and City of Philadelphia; contents
§ 407o Construction of buildings; acceptance of donations
§ 407p Establishment of advisory commission; composition, appointment, and duties
§ 407q Administration, protection, and development
§ 407r Authorization of appropriations
§ 407s Administration and operation of properties; use of funds; contracts

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