§ 3796d Purposes
§ 3796d-1 Basic eligibility
§ 3796d-2 Applications; approval
§ 3796d-3 Regulations
§ 3796d-4 Discontinuation for unsatisfactory conduct or progress
§ 3796d-5 Special rule
§ 3796d-6 Definitions
§ 3796d-7 Authorization of appropriations

Terms Used In U.S. Code > Title 42 > Chapter 46 > Subchapter XII > Part B

  • Attorney General: means the Attorney General of the United States or his designee. See 42 USC 3791
  • child: means any natural, illegitimate, adopted, or posthumous child or stepchild of a deceased or permanently and totally disabled public safety officer who, at the time of the public safety officer's fatal or catastrophic injury, is--

    (A) 18 years of age or under. See 42 USC 3796b

  • institution of higher education: means any such institution as defined by section 1001 of title 20, subject, however, to such modifications and extensions as the Office may determine to be appropriate. See 42 USC 3791
  • law enforcement officer: means an individual involved in crime and juvenile delinquency control or reduction, or enforcement of the criminal laws (including juvenile delinquency). See 42 USC 3796b
  • officer: includes any person authorized by law to perform the duties of the office. See 1 USC 1
  • public safety officer: means --

    (A) an individual serving a public agency in an official capacity, with or without compensation, as a law enforcement officer, as a firefighter, or as a chaplain. See 42 USC 3796b

  • writing: includes printing and typewriting and reproductions of visual symbols by photographing, multigraphing, mimeographing, manifolding, or otherwise. See 1 USC 1