Finding the right lawyer in Maine can be challenging. The sheer number of attorneys to choose from, and the difficulty of assessing their merits can make the search frustrating. Following a step by step process, however, can help you find the right lawyer for you.

Where to Begin

Start by asking for recommendations from people you trust, such as friends and business colleagues. Your banker or accountant may also have recommendations. You can also look for a lawyer in a directory such this one. A good directory can help you quickly and easily zero in on lawyers in your geographic area whose expertise matches your needs. LawServer, for example, allows you to:

  • search for attorneys based on very specific areas of experience
  • easily look for attorneys who combine multiple areas of experience, and
  • provides links to lawyer Web sites for more detailed information.

Another alternative is a lawyer referral service operated by a bar association. Although bar association referral services do not endorse specific attorneys, there are generally some minimum requirements for membership that lawyers must meet. Typically, participating attorneys must be admitted to practice in the state, have malpractice insurance, and pay the bar association a fee (either a flat fee, a percentage, or both). Bar association referral services generally provide very limited information about attorneys, and do not allow you to compare different attorneys. Instead, they simply provide a referral to one lawyer.

The Maine State Bar Association maintains a statewide lawyer referral service that requires that participating attorneys be members of the Bar in good standing, have practiced law for at least two years, not have any recent history of suspension, disbarment, or resignation from the practice of