Two years ago, the Bay City Rollers filed a lawsuit against Arista Records, Inc., claiming that Arista had failed to pay them millions of dollars in royalties over an almost thirty-year period. The suit, filed on behalf of the Scottish band by Holland & Knight, alleges that Arista breached its contract with the Rollers and failed to account for or pay any royalties to the band for years, amounting to many millions of dollars in unpaid royalties.

In response to that lawsuit, Arista filed a motion to dismiss all of the Rollers’ claims, asserting that the Rollers were barred from recovery for the millions of dollars that they had generated for the company. In its ruling, the federal court in New York court supported the Rollers’ position, with the result that the lawsuit will now go forward.

“Although we are delighted, we are not surprised that the Court denied Arista’s efforts to dismiss the Rollers’ claims,” stated Josh Krumholz of Holland & Knight, lead counsel for the Rollers, in a press release. “This ruling is a highly significant victory for the Rollers and their efforts to recoup the millions owed to them by Arista Records in unpaid royalties.”