(a) The Revenue Commissioner of Macon County may take the necessary action to merge the budgetary operations and functions of his or her office. The expenses of the office shall be financed on a pro rata share basis from the proceeds of any county, municipal, and any other ad valorem taxes collected in the county. Any funds retained pursuant to this section shall be used solely for the operation of the office of revenue commissioner subject to the approval of the budget for the office by the county commission in the same manner as the budget is currently approved.

(b) This section is supplemental. It shall be construed in pari materia with other laws regulating the revenue commissioner’s office in Macon County; however, those laws or parts of laws which are in direct conflict or inconsistent herewith are repealed. This section shall not affect the payment of commissions as otherwise provided by law.

(Act 2007-337, p. 600, §§ 1, 2.)