§ 16-26C-1 Legislative findings and intent
§ 16-26C-1.1 Letson Grants
§ 16-26C-1.2 Definitions
§ 16-26C-2 Incorporation authorized
§ 16-26C-3 Application for incorporation
§ 16-26C-4 Certificate of incorporation
§ 16-26C-5 Board of trustees and officers
§ 16-26C-5.1 Duties of state superintendent and Chief Executive Officer of Teachers’ Retirement System
§ 16-26C-6 Purpose of the foundation
§ 16-26C-7 Powers of the foundation
§ 16-26C-8 Acceptance of appropriations, gifts, and grants
§ 16-26C-9 Management and disbursement of assets and earnings
§ 16-26C-10 Reports to the Legislature
§ 16-26C-11 Exemptions from taxation
§ 16-26C-12 Nonprofit and public nature of the foundation
§ 16-26C-13 Dissolution of the foundation