§ 30-4-80 Purposes of article
§ 30-4-81 Definitions
§ 30-4-82 Department of Human Resources designated state information agency; duties as to enforcement of support
§ 30-4-83 Duties under state law of obligor present in state not affected by absence or nonresidence of obligee
§ 30-4-84 Choice of laws; presumption as to presence of obligor
§ 30-4-85 Rights of state or political subdivisions furnishing support
§ 30-4-86 Extradition for nonsupport
§ 30-4-87 Relief from extradition
§ 30-4-88 Enforcement of duties of support generally; jurisdiction of enforcement proceedings
§ 30-4-89 Contents of petition for support
§ 30-4-90 Testimony of husband and wife; communications between husband and wife not privileged
§ 30-4-91 Powers and duties of court of state acting as initiating state generally
§ 30-4-92 Receipt and disbursement of payments transmitted by court of responding state, etc
§ 30-4-93 Powers and duties of court of state acting as responding state generally
§ 30-4-94 Issuance of order of support upon finding of duty to support
§ 30-4-95 Transmittal of copies of orders of support, etc., to court of initiating state
§ 30-4-96 Powers of court to enforce orders; fees and costs of proceedings
§ 30-4-97 Transmittal of payments received, etc., to court of initiating state
§ 30-4-98 Remedies cumulative