§ 4-2A-1 Definitions
§ 4-2A-2 Formation of corporation with ten individual citizens; selection of citizens
§ 4-2A-3 Citizens to present application to Secretary of State
§ 4-2A-4 Public corporation formed upon filing and recording of application; certificate of incorporation; no fees or compensation to secretary
§ 4-2A-5 Members of authority; terms of appointment; board of directors; quorum; meetings; proceedings of board, reimbursement; impeachment; officers; State Treasurer as custodian of funds
§ 4-2A-6 Powers of authority
§ 4-2A-7 Acceptance, expenditure, etc., of federal, state, county, municipal and other moneys
§ 4-2A-8 Powers of state or any county, municipality, etc., for purpose of aiding and cooperating with authority
§ 4-2A-9 Authority authorized to issue and sell bonds; principal, interest payable from specified sources; bonds to be obligations of authority; form, terms, etc.; redemption; sale
§ 4-2A-10 Publication of bond notice; specific time after publication in which actions and defenses may be asserted against bonds
§ 4-2A-11 Signatures and seal affixed to bonds
§ 4-2A-12 Bonds may be issued under and secured by indenture; Debt Service Reserve Fund
§ 4-2A-13 Proceeds derived from sale of bonds used to pay specified costs
§ 4-2A-14 Refunding bonds
§ 4-2A-15 Bonds as legal investments for state, public officers, public corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, fiduciaries, etc
§ 4-2A-16 Investment of trust fund in bonds
§ 4-2A-17 Exemption from taxation; exceptions
§ 4-2A-18 Exemption from laws from which certain other airport authorities are exempt; zoning powers; conditions on annexation of authority’s airports, facilities, etc
§ 4-2A-19 Sale, distribution, regulation, control of alcoholic beverages; issuance of liquor licenses
§ 4-2A-20 Participation by authority employees in State Employees’ Retirement System
§ 4-2A-21 Disposal of lost money or property found on authority property
§ 4-2A-22 Regulation of parking on authority property
§ 4-2A-23 Dissolution of authority