(a) Any time that the board has reason to believe that an individual holding a certificate of registration or authorization as a registered interior designer is subject to discipline, notice of the charges placed against the individual and the time and place of the hearing of such charges by the board shall be served on the accused by those rules prescribed by the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure, not less than 45 days before the date fixed for the hearing. The notice shall inform the individual that he or she is entitled to respond to the charges within 30 days, be represented by counsel of his or her choosing at the hearing, have witnesses testify in his or her behalf at the hearing, confront and cross-examine witnesses at the hearing, and testify in his or her behalf at the hearing. The board may provide further for any procedure not herein enumerated that is consistent with the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act.

(b) In all cases of disciplinary action taken by the board, the accused may appeal the disciplinary action to the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Alabama. Either party has the right to appeal from the final decree of the circuit court as provided by law.

(c) The board may commence a civil action in any circuit court having appropriate jurisdiction to enjoin any violation of this chapter. Jurisdiction is conferred upon the circuit courts of this state to hear and determine all such cases. The board may commence and maintain these actions without the filing of a bond or security. An injunction may be issued upon proof that the person is in violation of this chapter, without requiring proof of actual damage sustained by any person. If an injunction is issued, it shall not relieve any person or persons from any appropriate criminal prosecution.