§ 32-7A-1 Short title
§ 32-7A-2 Definitions
§ 32-7A-3 Powers and duties of department
§ 32-7A-4 Liability insurance required
§ 32-7A-5 Exceptions
§ 32-7A-6 Evidence of insurance; insurance card
§ 32-7A-7 Random verification of insurance
§ 32-7A-8 Suspension of registration – Notice
§ 32-7A-9 Online insurance verification system – Insurer to allow access
§ 32-7A-10 Online insurance verification system – Failure to allow access
§ 32-7A-11 Online insurance verification system – Notification upon inability to verify existing insurance; proof of coverage; penalties
§ 32-7A-12 Suspension of registration
§ 32-7A-13 Liability under chapter
§ 32-7A-14 Complicity in violations
§ 32-7A-15 Alteration, etc., of insurance card
§ 32-7A-16 Additional violations
§ 32-7A-17 Reinstatement of suspended registration; verification by license plate issuing officials
§ 32-7A-18 Penalties
§ 32-7A-19 Display of invalid evidence of insurance
§ 32-7A-20 Evidence of coverage at time of citation
§ 32-7A-21 Confidentiality of records
§ 32-7A-22 Construction
§ 32-7A-23 Evidence of coverage at time of citation
§ 32-7A-24 Confidentiality of records
§ 32-7A-25 Construction