The purposes of this chapter include all of the following:

(1) To clarify and confirm the authority of the State Superintendent of Education to assume and exercise direct and comprehensive control over the decision making and operational functions of city and county boards of education when the demonstrated inability of such boards of education to discharge administrative, operational, or instructional functions threatens to deprive students of essential educational services.

(2) To simplify and streamline the exercise of decision making authority during educational intervention by, among other things, eliminating distinctions between policy making and administrative, academic, operational, financial, and organizational decision making functions performed by city and county boards of education that have impeded attainment of intervention objectives to the detriment of the educational process.

(3) To facilitate the implementation of such organizational reforms and accountability measures as may be necessary to restore and maintain stable and efficient provision of sound and educationally appropriate services at the local level, and to thereby enhance local and statewide support for public education.

(Act 2013-310, p. 1053, §2.)