This chapter shall be construed to do all of the following:

(1) Provide the State Superintendent of Education or the chief administrative officer with broad discretion and complete authority to make, direct, implement, and enforce decisions, actions, and measures which, in his or her judgment, are necessary and appropriate to the attainment of the objectives of educational intervention and to accord the fullest measure of deference to decisions and actions made by such officials in furtherance of intervention goals and objectives.

(2) Eliminate unnecessary delay in the implementation of measures designed to attain intervention goals and objectives.

(3) Protect vested and constitutionally based employment rights through appropriate procedural safeguards without impairing attainment of the goals and purposes of educational intervention or of this chapter.

(4) Be cumulative, supplemental, and complementary to other legislation that confers authority on the State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Education to exercise control and supervision over the decision making and operational functions of city and county boards of education, and not to limit the scope, extent, or exercise of that authority.

(Act 2013-310, p. 1053, §6.)