(a) The board of trustees of the state educational institution at Livingston, Alabama, now known as The University of West Alabama, but formerly known as Livingston University, shall consist of two members from the congressional district in which the primary campus office of the institution is located, one member from each of the other congressional districts in the state, five members from the state-at-large, the State Superintendent of Education, and the Governor, who shall be ex officio president of the board. Beginning in 2006, the terms of the trustees shall be six years, with the exceptions noted below, and no trustee may serve more than two terms except that trustees serving in 2006 are eligible for appointment to one additional term regardless of the previous number of terms served. All terms will expire on December 27 of the final year of the term. Should a trustee or trustees whose term expired on December 27, 2003, but who continued to serve, be reappointed to another consecutive term or should a new trustee or trustees be appointed in place of this trustee or these trustees, time elapsed between December 27, 2003, and the date of reappointment will be considered part of the six-year term of appointment, and the trustee’s or trustees’ term will end December 27, 2009. In order to effect a more balance rotational cycle, one of the at-large 2011 appointees will be appointed to a term of four years instead of six years, resulting in 2015 in three three-member classes and one four-member class. Successors to the trustees hereinabove provided for shall be appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, each for a term as herein provided and until his or her successor has been appointed and has qualified.

(b) No trustee shall receive any pay or emolument other than his or her actual expenses incurred in the discharge of his or her duties as such.

(c) No employee of The University of West Alabama, or any person related by blood or marriage to the chief executive officer of the school, shall be eligible to serve on its board of trustees.

(d) No member of the board shall, individually, as a partner, as a stockholder, board member, or officer of a corporate body, conduct any business transaction, directly or indirectly, with The University of West Alabama. Any such person who does so shall be immediately removed from the board of trustees and replaced by appointment by the Governor for the unexpired portion of his or her term. The chief executive officer of the university shall not as an individual or as an incorporator, officer, or director of any profit-making company, corporation, association, partnership, or other organization engage in any business in any manner which will conflict with his or her duties as such chief executive officer or with the best interest of the university or the students enrolled therein. Nothing herein shall be construed to forbid such chief executive officer from serving as a trustee of another educational institution or as an officer of a church or other eleemosynary institution or as an officer, director, or trustee of any organization when no profit will accrue to him or her or his or her immediate family from any business done by such organization for or with the university or the students enrolled therein. Should the chief executive officer of the university engage in any business in contravention of this provision, such action shall be sufficient cause for his or her immediate removal by the board of trustees.

(e) Should the number of congressional districts be reduced by reason of reapportionment or otherwise, resulting in the term of the member representing the district eliminated being terminated, the number of state-at-large members shall be increased in proportion to the number of such members whose terms are terminated.

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