(a) The board shall issue a restorative function certificate to a dental assistant if the dental assistant furnishes evidence satisfactory to the board that the dental assistant has

(1) successfully completed a course offered by or under the auspices of a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association or other equivalent course or program approved by the board; and

(2) passed the Western Regional Examining Board’s restorative examination or other equivalent examination approved by the board within the five years preceding the dental assistant’s certificate application, or the dental assistant has legal authorization from another state or jurisdiction to perform restorative functions.

(b) A certificate issued under this section authorizes a dental assistant under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist to place restorations into a cavity prepared by the licensed dentist and thereafter carve, contour, and adjust contacts and occlusion of the restoration.

(c) The board may by regulation establish fees, renewal, and continuing education requirements for a certificate under this section.