(a) Where real property executed upon has been sold, the judgment creditor may, upon motion, apply for an order confirming the sale. The judgment debtor may object to the confirmation of the sale on the grounds that there were substantial irregularities in the proceedings of sale that caused probable loss or injury to the judgment debtor.

Terms Used In Alaska Statutes 09.35.180

(b) If the court finds that there were substantial irregularities in the proceedings concerning the sale to the probable loss or injury of the party objecting, it shall deny the motion and direct that the property be resold in whole or in part as upon an execution.

(c) Upon a resale, the bid of the purchaser at the former sale shall be considered to be renewed and continued in force, and no bid may be taken except for a greater amount. If the property sells to a person other than the former purchaser, the former purchaser shall be repaid out of the proceeds of the resale.

(d) An order confirming a sale is a conclusive determination of the regularity of the proceedings concerning the sale, as to all persons, in any other action or proceeding.