(a) Until the expiration of the time allowed for redemption, the court may restrain the commission of waste on the property by order granted with or without notice on the application of the purchaser or judgment creditor. It is not waste for the person in possession of the property at the time of sale or entitled to possession afterwards to continue to use it during the period allowed for redemption in the same manner in which it was previously used, or to use it in the ordinary course of husbandry, or to make the necessary repairs to buildings or fences, or to use wood or timber on the property for the repairs or for fuel for the family of the person in possession during occupancy.

Terms Used In Alaska Statutes 09.35.300

(b) The purchaser at the execution sale or a subsequent purchaser may apply to the court for permission to make necessary repairs to preserve the property against waste or to insure the property against loss during the redemption period. If ordered by the court, the person making the necessary repairs or paying the insurance is entitled to reimbursement for the expenses from the person redeeming the property under this chapter.