In the discretion of the authority, an issue of bonds may be secured by a trust indenture, trust agreement, indenture of mortgage or deeds of trust (all considered “trust agreements” in this chapter) between the authority and a corporate trustee. The corporate trustee may be a trust company, bank, or national banking association, with corporate trust powers, located inside or outside the state or by a secured loan agreement or other instrument or under a resolution giving powers to a corporate trustee by means of which the authority may

Terms Used In Alaska Statutes 18.26.100 - Trust indentures and trust agreements

  • property: includes real and personal property. See Alaska Statutes 01.10.060
  • state: means the State of Alaska unless applied to the different parts of the United States and in the latter case it includes the District of Columbia and the territories. See Alaska Statutes 01.10.060

(1) make any covenants and agreements with the trustee or the holders of the bonds that the authority determines to be necessary or desirable, including, without limitation, covenants and agreements as to

(A) the application, investment, deposit, use, and disposition of the proceeds of bonds of the authority or of money or other property of the authority or in which it has an interest;

(B) the fixing and collection of rent or other consideration for, and the other terms to be incorporated in a lease or contract of sale of, a project;

(C) the assignment by the authority of its rights in the lease or contract of sale of a project or in a mortgage or other security interest created with respect to a project to a trustee for the benefit of bondholders;

(D) the terms and conditions upon which additional bonds of the authority may be issued;

(E) the vesting in a trustee of rights, powers, duties, funds, or property in trust for the benefit of bondholders, including, without limitation, the right to enforce payment, performance, and all other rights of the authority or of the bondholders, under a lease, contract of sale, mortgage, security agreement, or trust agreement with respect to a project by injunction or other proceeding or by taking possession of by agent or otherwise and operating a project and collecting rent or other consideration and applying it in accordance with the trust agreement;

(2) pledge, mortgage, or assign money, leases, agreements, property, or other assets of the authority either presently in hand or to be received in the future, or both; and

(3) provide for any other matters of like or different character that in any way affect the security or protection of the bonds.