The department shall issue to the executor, upon payment of the tax imposed by this chapter, receipts in triplicate, any of which is sufficient evidence of payment, and shall entitle the executor to be credited and allowed the amount of the receipt by a court having jurisdiction to audit or settle the accounts of the executor. If the executor files a complete return and makes written application to the department for determination of the amount of the tax and discharge from personal liability, the department, as soon as possible, and in any event within one year after receipt of the application, shall notify the executor of the amount of the tax, and upon payment of the tax the executor shall be discharged from personal liability for any additional tax thereafter found to be due, and is entitled to receive from the department a receipt in writing showing the discharge; however, the discharge does not operate to release the gross estate of the lien of additional tax that may thereafter be found to be due, while the title to the gross estate remains in the executor or in the heirs, devisees, or distributees; but after the discharge is given, no part of the gross estate is subject to misdemeanor or to any claim or demand for tax after the title to the estate has passed to a bona fide purchaser for value.

Terms Used In Alaska Statutes 43.31.181 - Receipts for taxes