Each superior court judge shall, on or before the 10th day of every month, notify the department of the names of all decedents, the names and addresses of the respective executors, administrators or curators appointed, the amount of the bonds, if any, required by the court, and the probable value of the estates, in all estates of decedents whose wills have been probated or propounded for probate before the judge or upon which letters testamentary or upon whose estates letters of administration or curatorship have been sought or granted, during the preceding months. The report shall contain any other information which the judge may have concerning the estate of these decedents. The judge shall also furnish immediately further information, from the records and files of the judge’s office in regard to the estates, which the department may from time to time require.

Terms Used In Alaska Statutes 43.31.290 - Superior court judge to furnish names of decedents