10.15.005 Purposes for which cooperatives may be organized
10.15.010 General powers
10.15.015 Bylaws
10.15.020 Membership
10.15.025 Registered office and registered agent
10.15.030 Change of registered office or agent
10.15.035 Service on agent is service on cooperative
10.15.040 Defense of ultra vires
10.15.045 Capital stock
10.15.050 Membership stock
10.15.055 Transfer of stock
10.15.060 Payment required for issuance
10.15.065 No preemptive right to new issues
10.15.070 Certificates representing shares
10.15.075 Manner of voting by shareholders
10.15.080 Determining who are shareholders for purposes of notice, voting, and dividends
10.15.085 Subscription for shares
10.15.090 Limitation of liability of members
10.15.095 Dividends on capital stock
10.15.100 Recall, acquisition, exchange, redemption, and reissuance of stock or other evidence of equity
10.15.105 Limitations on acquisition, recall, exchange, or redemption
10.15.110 Status of acquired, recalled, exchanged, or redeemed shares
10.15.115 Missing certificates or ownership records
10.15.120 Meetings of members
10.15.125 Districts and district meetings
10.15.130 Voting by members
10.15.135 Quorum of members
10.15.140 Qualifications and membership of board of directors
10.15.145 Initial board of directors
10.15.150 Election and terms of directors
10.15.155 Removal of directors
10.15.160 Filling unexpired term
10.15.165 Meetings of board of directors
10.15.170 Executive committee
10.15.175 Officers
10.15.180 Compensation and benefits to directors, officers, and employees
10.15.185 Taking action without meeting
10.15.190 Waiver of notice
10.15.195 Voting requirements of articles
10.15.200 Procedural requisites in action brought in right of cooperative by member or shareholder
10.15.205 Allowance of costs to plaintiff; accounting for proceeds
10.15.210 Security for costs
10.15.215 Permitted purposes of cooperative contracts with members
10.15.220 Liquidated damages clause in cooperative contracts
10.15.225 Contracts between two or more cooperatives
10.15.230 Recording of cooperative contracts
10.15.235 Recording of uniform cooperative contracts
10.15.240 Recording procedure
10.15.245 Fees for recording contracts
10.15.250 Effect of recording contract; subsequent interests and liens
10.15.255 Termination of recorded contract
10.15.260 Recording of list of terminated contracts
10.15.265 Relief against breach or threatened breach of contract and penalty for interference
10.15.270 Action for civil penalty for inducing breach of contract with cooperative or spreading false reports about cooperative
10.15.275 Apportionment and distribution of net proceeds, savings, or net losses
10.15.280 Manner of payment
10.15.285 Manner of apportionment and distribution
10.15.290 Determination of net proceeds, savings, or losses
10.15.295 Unclaimed distribution, redemptions, or payments
10.15.300 Sale or other disposition of entire assets in regular course of business
10.15.305 Sale or other disposition of entire assets not in regular course of business
10.15.310 Abandonment of sale or other disposition
10.15.315 Books and records; inspection
10.15.320 Biennial report
10.15.325 Biennial reports
10.15.330 Acceptance of biennial reports by department
10.15.331 Filing notice of change of officer or director