12.75.010 Persons entitled to prosecute writ
12.75.020 Persons not entitled to prosecute writ
12.75.030 Offense not bailable
12.75.040 Production of body
12.75.050 Hearing without production of person
12.75.060 Proceedings on disobedience of writ
12.75.070 Precept to peace officer
12.75.080 Discharge of party
12.75.090 Remand of party legally detained
12.75.100 Remedy of person in custody by virtue of civil process
12.75.110 Limitation on scope of court’s inquiry
12.75.120 Proceedings where commitment irregular
12.75.130 Custody of party pending judgment
12.75.140 Admission to bail
12.75.150 Effect of admitting to bail
12.75.160 Enforcing judgment of discharge
12.75.170 Discharge as bar to subsequent restraint
12.75.180 Grounds for warrant in lieu of writ
12.75.190 Warrant may include command for arrest of defendant
12.75.200 Warrant in lieu of writ
12.75.210 Proceedings as to person having party in custody
12.75.220 Penalty for refusing to deliver copy of or obey authority to detain party
12.75.230 Appeal