18.26.010 Legislative finding and policy
18.26.020 Creation of authority
18.26.030 Board of directors of the authority
18.26.040 Meetings, compensation, officers, and expenses
18.26.050 Powers of authority
18.26.060 Operation and management of medical facilities
18.26.070 Expenses of authority
18.26.080 Bonds of the authority; court jurisdiction
18.26.090 Bond anticipation notes
18.26.100 Trust indentures and trust agreements
18.26.110 Liability for issuance
18.26.120 Bondholder claims against special funds
18.26.130 Conflict of interests
18.26.140 Pledge of revenue
18.26.150 Obligations and income of authority
18.26.160 Rights of bondholders
18.26.170 Investments by authority
18.26.180 Bonds as securities
18.26.190 Pledge of the state
18.26.200 Accounting and reports
18.26.210 State requirements
18.26.220 Facility compliance with health and safety laws and licensing requirements
18.26.240 Earnings of the authority
18.26.250 Operation of certain statutes excepted; status of authority
18.26.260 Issuance and guarantee of Alaska Medical Facility Authority bonds
18.26.900 Definitions