(a) The anatomical gift awareness fund is established. The fund consists of all donations made under Alaska Stat. § 13.50.150 , other donations to the fund for a purpose identified under (b) of this section, money received by the department under Alaska Stat. § 13.50.130 , and appropriations made to the fund.

     (b) The purposes of the fund are to promote gifts in the state under AS 13.52 and to administer the donation program established under Alaska Stat. § 13.50.150 .

     (c) [Repealed, Sec. 6 ch 46 SLA 2007].

     (d) Money in the fund may be appropriated by the legislature to an organization for the purpose of promoting the donation programs established in AS 13.50 and AS 13.52.

     (e) Money appropriated to the fund may be spent for the purposes of the fund without further appropriation. Money appropriated to the fund does not lapse.