(a) The department, a member of the public who is substantially affected by activities authorized by the certificate, or another applicant for a certificate of need may initiate a hearing to obtain modification, suspension, or revocation of an existing certificate of need by filing an accusation with the commissioner as prescribed under Alaska Stat. § 44.62.360 . A revocation, modification, or suspension of an outstanding certificate may not be undertaken unless it is in accordance with Alaska Stat. § 44.62.330 – 44.62.630.

     (b) The certificate holder may obtain modification of an existing certificate by utilizing the application procedure enumerated in regulations adopted under this chapter.

     (c) A certificate of need shall be suspended if an accusation is filed before the commencement of activities authorized under AS 18.07.041 or 18.07.043 that charges that factors upon which the certificate of need was issued have changed or new factors have been discovered that significantly alter the need for the activity authorized. A suspension of a certificate may not exceed 60 days. At the end of this period or sooner, the department shall revoke or reinstate the certificate.

     (d) A certificate of need may be revoked if

     (1) the sponsor has not shown continuing progress toward commencement of the activities authorized under Alaska Stat. § 18.07.041 or 18.07.043 after six months of issuance;

     (2) the applicant fails, without good cause, to complete activities authorized by the certificate;

     (3) the sponsor fails to comply with the provisions of this chapter or regulations adopted under this chapter;

     (4) the sponsor knowingly misrepresents a material fact in obtaining the certificate;

     (5) the facts charged in an accusation filed under (c) of this section are established; or

     (6) the sponsor fails to provide services authorized by the terms of the certificate.

     (e) A person may not file an accusation seeking suspension or revocation of a certificate of need under this section, knowing that the charges stated in the accusation are untrue or that the charges do not constitute grounds for revocation or suspension under this chapter.