Chapter 13.06 General Provisions, Definitions, And Probate Jurisdiction Of Court
Chapter 13.12 Intestacy, Wills, And Donative Transfers
Chapter 13.16 Probate Of Wills And Administration
Chapter 13.21 Foreign Personal Representatives; Ancillary Administration
Chapter 13.26 Protection Of Persons Under Disability And Their Property; Powers Of Attorney
Chapter 13.27 Uniform Adult Guardianship And Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
Chapter 13.33 Nonprobate Transfers
Chapter 13.36 Trust Administration
Chapter 13.38 Alaska Principal And Income Act
Chapter 13.41 Uniform Disposition Of Community Property Rights At Death
Chapter 13.46 Alaska Uniform Transfers To Minors Act
Chapter 13.50 Anatomical Gifts Registry
Chapter 13.52 Health Care Decisions Act
Chapter 13.60 Uniform Custodial Trust Act
Chapter 13.65 Uniform Prudent Management Of Institutional Funds
Chapter 13.70 Disclaimer Of Property Interests
Chapter 13.90 Miscellaneous Provisions