(a) When a document is required by law to be verified, the person required to verify it shall certify under oath or affirmation that the person has read the document and believes its content to be true.

(b) The person who makes the verification shall sign it before a person authorized by law to take the person’s oath or affirmation.

(c) A verification made under this section may be in substantially the following form:

I ________________ say on oath or affirm that I have read the foregoing (or

attached) document and believe all statements made in the document are




Subscribed and sworn to or affirmed before me at _______________

________ on __________________.



Signature of Officer


Title of Officer

(d) If the verification is sworn to or affirmed before a notary public of the state, the notary public shall

(1) affix on the document the

(A) notary public’s official signature and official seal; and

(B) date of expiration of the notary public’s commission; and

(2) comply with AS 44.50.060 – 44.50.065 and other applicable law.