12.47.010 Insanity as affirmative defense
12.47.020 Mental disease or defect negating culpable mental state
12.47.030 Guilty but mentally ill
12.47.040 Form of verdict in certain cases involving insanity or mental disease or defect
12.47.050 Disposition of defendant found guilty but mentally ill
12.47.055 Treatment for other defendants not limited
12.47.060 Post conviction determination of mental illness
12.47.070 Psychiatric examination
12.47.080 Procedure upon verdict of not guilty
12.47.090 Procedure after raising defense of insanity
12.47.092 Procedure for conditional release
12.47.095 Notice to victims
12.47.100 Incompetency to proceed
12.47.110 Commitment on finding of incompetency
12.47.120 Determination of sanity after commitment
12.47.130 Definitions