Department of revenue; director; appointments; search committee; compensation

A. There is established a department of revenue.

B. The direction, operation and control of the department is the responsibility of the director.

C. The director shall be appointed by the governor from a list of names submitted by the search committee pursuant to section 38-211 and shall serve at the pleasure of the governor.

D. The department of administration shall assist the governor in preparing a job description for the position of director and recruiting candidates for the position. The qualifications of the candidates shall be reviewed by a committee of five persons selected by the governor. The names of all those candidates determined by the committee to be qualified for the position shall be submitted to the governor for his consideration. The governor may request additional names from the committee if he deems necessary. For each subsequent vacancy in the position of director, a new committee shall be appointed by the governor pursuant to this section.

E. Compensation for the director and the personnel required by the department shall be established pursuant to section 38-611.