In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. “Authorized user” means any person other than a cardholder who has actual, implied or apparent authority to use a cardholder’s credit card or credit card account.

2. “Cardholder” means the named person who applies for or accepts the credit card account.

3. “Charges” means purchases, cash advances, annual membership fees, delinquent payment fees, insufficient fund fees, over limit fees or other amounts incurred through use of the credit card.

4. “Credit card” means any card, plate or other single credit device that may be used from time to time to obtain credit and shall include a charge card, courtesy card, identification card or account number that may be used to access a line of credit to purchase goods or services.

5. “Credit card account” means a line of credit offered by an issuer to a cardholder that is accessible by the use of a credit card.

6. “Credit card agreement” means the terms and conditions governing the use of the credit card account.

7. “Creditor” means the person, business, financial institution or commercial enterprise that owns the credit card account.

8. “Financial institution” means any of the following:

(a) A banking institution that is authorized to issue credit cards pursuant to federal or state law.

(b) A banking subsidiary owned by a bank holding company as defined in 12 United States Code section 1841, or by a savings and loan holding company as defined in 12 United States Code section 1467a(a)(1)(d).

(c) Any other federally regulated banking institution.

9. “Issuer” means a financial institution or an authorized agent of a financial institution that issues a credit card.