Article 1 Dealers of Precious Items
Article 3 Pawnbrokers
Article 3.1 Scrap Metal Dealers
Article 4 Future Contracts and Bucket Shops
Article 5 Jewelry Auctions
Article 6 Consumer Reporting Agencies and Fair Credit Reporting
Article 7 Credit Services
Article 8 Delivery Containers
Article 9 Pyramid Promotional Schemes
Article 10 Dance Studio Contracts
Article 11 Solar Energy Devices
Article 12 Consignments of Works of Fine Art
Article 13 Health Spa Contracts
Article 14 Discount Buying Services
Article 15 Sales Representative Contracts
Article 16 Loan Servicing
Article 17 Pet Dealers
Article 18 Casket Sales
Article 19 Shopping Carts
Article 20 Heavy Equipment Rental Agreements
Article 21 Solicitations Using Loan Information
Article 22 Amusement Ride Safety
Article 23 Public Sale of Animals
Article 24 Bulk Merchandise Containers
Article 25 Direct Primary Care Provider Plans